Saturday, June 05, 2010

April Birthdays!

In our family, April means three birthdays! Dad's at the beginning of the month, Corrine's in the middle of the month, and Winston's at the end. This year we practiced efficiency and celebrated all three birthdays together - and had a Liberty Day meeting on the same evening!

First, there were games and a Pinata (after whose demise it was discovered that its head could be reworn...)

Then there was dinner (Bella particularly liked the grilled asparagus).

Then came the Liberty Day meeting (during which the younger set entertained themselves).

Then came Winston's green dinosaur cake with ice cream!

And, of course, presents! Winston had no idea that he had a red bow on the top of his head...

All in all it was a delightful evening - but then we all kind of like each other, too, so you put us all together and it is hard to not have a delightful time! Nothing quite like being a part of the best family ever! :-)

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