Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wrapping up 2009!

Before 2010 gets too far under way, here's a quick review of the last couple of weeks of 2009!

Event 1:
Church Christmas Party - 12/20/09

In the afternoon of Sunday, December 20, our church families got together for a time of remembrance and celebration of Christ's birth. We read scriptures, sang hymns, and rejoiced together!

Event 2:
Do-It-Yourself Messiah - 12/21/09

Despite many changes and other day-of challenges, a group of us did make it downtown for the annual Do-It-Yourself Messiah! As an add-on to the already special evening, us "Older Siblings" snuck in dinner at Giordano's ahead of time! Nothing like preparing to sing by filling up on pizza! But sing we did - and take pictures we didn't. So you'll have to hop over to the Yen's Blog if you want those.

Back at home 6 happy grandkids spent the evening, night, and next morning with their grandparents!

Event 3:
Christmas Day - 12/25/09

Despite snow storms, ice, airport delays, etc. Jonathan did make it home for Christmas! His flight ended up arriving only one hour passed the scheduled time and we were SO glad to get him back home! He was also excited to meet his newest nephew for the first time!

And, we got to enjoy dinner once again as a complete family! The most treasured gift all season!
The evening was spent in a very relaxed manner, looking over gifts, projects, etc.
Caroline played almost every Christmas carol in her book for us!
And we spent time - just chillin'... and enjoying being family.
...or tackling Grandpa...

And "just because," I'm including this picture from the morning after Christmas. We have NEVER seen foxes around our house in the 11+ years we've lived here. Lots of other wildlife, but never foxes. Until the week following Christmas. Almost every morning there were two of them playing in our yard. And then they disappeared again and we haven't seen them since. Anyhow, here's a picture of one of them standing just outside our living room windows as the Great Snowstorm of December 26 started to blow in!

Event 4:
Sledding - 12/30/09

As the year drew to a close and the snow deepened, and as Jonathan was home on vacation and that is a good excuse to get together with friends (as if one was needed), and as other details just lined up right, several of us spent an afternoon sledding with a group of friends from church. Some classic spills, fun rides, and lots of laughter were experienced and observed! :-)

Event 5:
Bella's First Birthday - 12/31/09

What can I say? This adorable sweetheart is a whole year old!! She really enjoyed her cake...

Event 6:
Returning to Normal Life

Ahhh.... the ongoing quest for "normal life"! Sadly, right now "normal" includes the fact that Jonathan is back in Idaho. But on the home front, we are getting back in the swing of school, music lessons and all those other great responsibilities that claim our attention!
Praising the Lord for 2009, and looking forward to what He has in store for us in 2010!


Heather S said...

Well, if the do-it-yourself Messiah is too disappointing, you need to come visit US at Christmas... our church has a sing-a-long Messiah too! Of course, it's much smaller than a full theater and we only do the choruses. But it's still fun!

I loved your fox picture! What a wonderful thing to see in your yard!

Jessica Erber said...

Heather - OR, you could come visit US and sing the whole thing! :-)

Hope you are doing well!