Friday, January 29, 2010

The Things That Life is Made of...

January has been a month of a small world for most of our family.  Small in that it has revolved mostly in one room around one topic. 
The room: The Office. 
The topic: Liberty Day. 

Thankfully, I think the "must be done by end of January" things are now done.  So, you all can run over to and check out the new look over there (thanks to Kathryn), as well as all the new information for 2010 (that's what we've been working on).  Once you are done oohing, and aahing over all the exciting plans for 2010, you will want to click right on over and submit your registration online!  Then, there's only one more thing to do.  Invite all your friends to come, too!  There are files you can print off and hand out, or you can just direct people right to the website, too.  If you are on Facebook, you can rsvp there as well and invite your Facebook friends.  See how easy and fun all this technological stuff is - once it is all figured out put together and updated?? :-)

But on to other things...

To say that all of January was spent in the office on Liberty Day would be mostly true, but not entirely.  There have been, of course, plenty of other things going on.  Schoolwork, church and family stuff, mostly.   Family stuff, does, of course, include grandkids - like the little girl pictured above eating oranges from Grandma M. in Florida!

Joseph has started EMT training this month.  The class goes through May, I think.  So far he has taken two tests, and has passed them both just fine.

Dad has been superintending the work of repainting most of our main level.  Joseph and Joanna have both participated some in that as well, but the rest of us have just been trying to avoid getting paint all over us. 

In light of the new paint, it was discovered that our living room also needed new curtains.  So Mom has now finished sewing those and the room has a whole new look now.

Joanna and Josiah are both busy preparing for a competition coming up on February 20. Jessica is the piano accompanist for Josiah this year and is finding one of his pieces enough to push her beyond the heights of her former level of piano expertise (which was, admittedly, limited). With only three weeks left, there is lots of practice is going on around here to polish every aspect of their pieces!

And that's about it - for now... you just never know what a day may bring!


Kathryn Grace said...

Well, I must say the new Liberty Day site looks great. *grin* I'm so looking forward to the event... a little nervous too, but still looking forward to it! :-)

Rhonda Devine said...

We can sympathize with you all~February must be for painting:) The Devine's have three rooms torn up--painting, flooring~all that good stuff!
Happy Renovating!