Saturday, November 14, 2009

Steven & Rebecca's Wedding

(Photo credit: Tiffany McDonald)

Friday, November 6, 2009, found us in St. Louis, Missouri for a wedding! What a privilege to attend and take part in the solemnities and festivities of the day! However, we were not merely celebrant observers. The Servens honored us by again asking us to come down and prepare the feast for a daughter's wedding! We figured if they can handle two weddings in one year, so can we! :-) You will have to look elsewhere for pictures of the ceremony and reception. We came home with a camera loaded with kitchen pictures!
We drove down on Wednesday and settled into our accomodations that evening. On Thursday, festivities began. So did the work. Thursday evening the guys headed over to the church to help with set-up and decorating, and Mom, Joanna and I spent 4+ hours in the kitchen prepping the beef. We were not left to trudge through our work alone, however. A sociable young man with a camera kept us smiling - in exchange for just a few samplings of the roast. You know, the odd end pieces that can't be served...
We also prepared the "au jus" the night before, and, frankly, the only way to really tell if it is seasoned properly is to smell it.

Friday morning arrived quickly and we were off to the church to prepare the feast in the larger kitchen on site. I soon found myself staring at their stove space, their stock-pots, and 110lbs of green beans. It was time to move from theories to practice and get all this food cooked in the remaining hours before the ceremony.
At the same time, Mrs. Young was directing a crew of young ladies in the preparation of over 40 apple and pumpkin pies! All created fresh, and completely from scratch!

I can personally attest that the results were as yummy as they looked!

The biggest challenge cooking for a crowd that size (400+), is simply the amount of space it takes to prepare and store the required quantities!

Washing and chopping mushrooms for the gravy, washing and slicing radishes for the salad...
Demonstrating knife skills....

Wondering where I'll fit the rest of the green beans...
Dare I confess that I was rather nervous at times during the day regarding both the timing and taste of the meal? The Lord was very gracious, however, and everything turned out fairly well and was hot (or cold!) at the right time!
The reception was lovely, and the staff of servers much appreciated!
At both Beth and Rebecca's weddings we have had the opportunity to get to know and work alongside new friends. What a blessing that has been!
The day was lovely - in every respect - and in all things the Lord was magnified! To Him be the glory! God bless you, Steven and Rebecca, as you now serve Him together!


Joy said...

Wow, that is a lot of cooking to do!

The Eccentric Musician said...

Thanks for posting!

Steven and Rebecca Loomis said...

Dearest Jessica and hard working Erber famiy,

You all blessed us so much. May the Lord richly bless!!! The food was delicious, and it is so wonderful to see the behind the scenes pictures to experience the whole breadth of the day--it truly went by like a blur, just like every one said it would.

Thank you for your gracious friendship!!

In Christ,
Steven and Rebecca Loomis

Anonymous said...

That looked like quite a big job but one that was really worth it. Those pies looked exceptional.


~Dawn~ said...

Great work Jess & family! :) I cannot even begin to imagine preparing food for a reception of that size. It all tasted wonderful! You really, and truly, did a great job :)
~Dawn B.

George and Krista said...

I agree with the other commenters- I can't imagine preparing so much food for that many people!! If I ever have to, I know who I'll make my SOS call to :) Hope your family had a Happy Thanksgiving!