Friday, November 27, 2009

Family Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!

We may have had only a small crowd this year, but we still had PLENTY of food to feast upon!!

After a quieter - but still full - Thanksgiving Day, we enjoyed relaxing all evening, but when Friday morning came, we got back to work!

As of right now, Saturday evening, autumn and Thanksgiving decorations have been gathered and packed up; winter and Christmas decorations delved into and then paused; leftovers consumed (last of the pie disappeared this afternoon); plans for next week suggested and committed to (did we just say yes?); the living room has been repainted (walls and trim); the fragrance of pine is beginning to mingle with the smell of turkey soup and cover up the paint fumes; laundry has been done; floors are being vacuumed; furniture is being dusted and put back in place; some decorating has been resumed... The day set aside nationally for Thanksgiving may be over, but while we work we are still finding so much to give thanks to the Lord for - not the least of which are closely related to home and family! We are blessed!


Anonymous said...


Thank you for taking the time to post and to share some of your family and your activities. Even though we see you (most) every Sunday, we don't always have time to chat and stay in touch with you and your family. I always rejoice to see a new blog post, it doesn't compare to fellowshiping in person, but it sure does the heart good to stay in touch and get a glimpse of your lives!

love and blessings to all,
Diane for the family

Jonathan M. Erber said...

Wow, Abbey does look full! :p