Thursday, May 21, 2009

Presbytery 2009

Last weekend we had a wonderful time meeting with families and leaders from our sister churches in the CPC. Yes, it was Presbytery 2009 - this time hosted in Tennessee. We failed to take very many pictures, but here is a glimpse at our weekend. The camp that we met/stayed at had a wonderful lodge with a wrap around porch with 73 rocking chairs on it (Stuart counted them)! It was a favorite place to sit and catch up with old and new friends from around the country - especially on Thursday.

The camp also had another hall that served as the main social area - for meals, the "barn" dance, basketball games, and more!

Lots of visiting time! The men, of course, were occupied in meetings almost the entire time, but the rest of the families enjoyed various work and fun activities together.

As most of us were not yet adapted to the high humidity of central Tennessee the indoors was the preferred place of occupancy, however, there was some football and volleyball that took place outside!

It was wonderful to catch up with CPC friends we had met during the year that our church has been part of the denomination. Of course, it is always encouraging to meet new friends, and build deeper relationships with those who were simply acquaintances. How grateful we are to be connected with this extended family!

One of the smaller business matters that the men addressed during the weekend was the location for Presbytery 2010. However, it became a bigger matter to us personally as our church was chosen to host it! Plans are already in the making and we are definitely looking forward to welcoming everyone here!


Amy said...

It was really great to meet you all, and get to visit with you! :-)
We look forward to seeing you next year, Lord willing!
Amy P.

Erber Correspondent said...

Amy, It was wonderful to meet you, as well! Looking forward to next time!