Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Middle of May

Well, here we are! It's the middle of May and not one post here yet this month! The fact is that we've just been busy enjoying life, family and hard work lately. Not much that would be of interest to the outside world has been taking place around here. But, here we are and here are a few pictures that we have taken in the last couple of weeks. As you can tell in the photo above, spring is finally here in all its green glory, thanks in part to the numerous downpours and thunderstorms which we've experienced lately. We've been wishing we could share some of them with Santa Barbara!

Spring also means chickens! They are fattening up in good order...

And Spring also brings recitals! Jonathan and I had a joint recital for our piano students, but the lighting was odd and the pictures didn't really turn out. The next day, Josiah had his cello recital. We may be prejudiced, but we think he did pretty well! Here he is with his teacher:

(BTW - Josiah performed Elegie by G. Faure)

Ahhh, yes, music. Though music for our family generally means "classical", lately there has been a bit of bluegrass/country/cowboy music being played. Toes are tapping...

Mother's Day! We had all the family here for an enjoyable, relaxing, outdoor Sunday afternoon.

There was sittin' and chattin', there was wiffle-ball with the little ones, volleyball with the older ones... Uncle Josh and Aunt Abbey found a swing at a garage sale that they hung in one of the trees for the little ones. The only problem was that the chains were too short, so the kids had to be hoisted up about 5 feet to get to the swing. After getting over the "fear of heights" jitters, they kept begging for more swing time!

Camille checked out and approved the current status of our chickens.

Did I mention volleyball? Fun to play with the old married sibs again. :-) Oh, I think I did forget to mention "King of the Stump" which seems to be at play here, as well.

King of the Stump, again, and a bonfire that was lit as the sun set.

Of course, as we approach warmer weather, we girls always have to think about putting our hair up... and as Isabella is a big sister now, it is only appropriate that she move up from infant hair-dos. :-)

Speaking of big girls, this little darling has her first birthday tomorrow!!
Happy birthday, Gracie girl! We love you, deary!


Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures. Those babies are such cutie pies. Thanks for sharing. I'm new to your blog but have had the opportunity to meet some folks from you church about four years ago when we crossed paths at CLEP testing. They spoke very highly of your family and church.


Kim said...

Thanks for the update and photos! It is great to *see* everyone and catch up on all the happenings!