Sunday, August 24, 2008



Anonymous said...

Cute! Too Cute!

Thanks for sharing the smiles,
Mrs. B

Anonymous said...

hahaha oh how cute!!!

Heather Paulsen said...

That's cute! I like to think they are "teachable twos". I just feel like I am "teaching" all the time!

Mr. Yen said...

Do those come in an XL size?

Erber Correspondent said...

Why? For Winston?? :-)

Lisa said...

I popped over to your blog via your comment on the Davis blog. As I scanned down I saw this photo and I immediately thought, "That must be Winston!" He does resemble our Charlie! I can only imagine how thrilled you all were to be back home amidst the rest of your family. It was wonderful to get to know you all this past week.

Lisa CA

Erber Correspondent said...

Hi Mrs. K,

It was so nice to get to meet you and your family out in California! Let us know when you can make it out our way for a visit!

This picture is actually Winston's cousin, William. He doesn't usually look like this, but he does have a "Charlie look" in this shot! The top picture on this post here is Winston. :-)

Blessings upon your family,