Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Life has been simple during the last week or so:
  • Garage Sale
    Jeremy & Sara held a garage sale/yard sale/driveway sale - whatever you want to call it - this past weekend. They didn't sell everything, but they did sell some, including several larger items.

  • Sunday
    On Sunday after church, we had a crowd of people back to our house as we ate, visited, and discussed plans for the Big Celebration coming up in September for our church's 10th anniversary. Food and activities were the topics of the discussions this week - I was only in on the food discussion, and are we going to feast!!
  • Jeremy's Birthday
    Monday, the 18th, was Jeremy's birthday! Happy, happy, birthday! The cake is still waiting to be eaten as illness has postponed any get together - and there is too much there for J&S to eat without all of us! :-)

  • Pickling
    On Monday we also had a group of ladies from church here for a pickling class that Jeanine & Mrs. B hosted. Everyone went home with a jar of pickles and a jar of sauerkraut that they had made during the afternoon.

  • Kiddos
    Of course, now and then we have various ones of the grandchildren here for various reasons, and that always makes life fun and interesting!

  • Music Lessons
    Joanna had a trial lesson with a new violin teacher this past week as well, and she seems like a very good fit for Joanna right now! So with the fall, new lessons begin!

  • Wood
    Just up the road from us the road commissioner has a crew out trimming trees... just in time to supply us with some firewood for the coming winter. I know it is still only August, but once it gets cold, it's kind of late to start thinking about it. And "they" are predicting an early frost this year. Oh, and even though Jonathan & Joseph are the only ones pictured above, Josh also stopped by and lent some muscle to the job! Thanks!

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Jean said...

I not sure "simplicity" is what I would call your week. Although it does sound very, very fun!!

On another note: Family rules on hospitality (and length of stay) should not be established by the 16 year olds in the family!! Even if they have killed a rattlesnake.

See y'all very soon!!

Blessings, Mrs.H