Tuesday, July 22, 2008


In the comments on one of our recent posts, the meaning of our surname - Erber - was brought up. Well, we have some other surnames in our genealogy. One of our Italian surnames has no obvious meaning (in fact, it's current spelling isn't exactly Italian) but it is said to be close to a couple of Italian words. We haven't actually looked them up ourselves, but we are told that one means - quite flatteringly - "mad dog." The other - quite insignificantly - means "eggplant."

However, I think we have proof that "eggplant" truly is the word our name is derived from, as our family LOVES eggplant. [Actually, Nathan D. is the one who makes sure we are frequently supplied with eggplant (he somehow manages to frequently find deals on eggplant that is about to go bad - and so we just have to have an eggplant feast!) Perhaps his "French but sounds Italian" surname actually has some Italian in it after all???]

Anyway, yesterday afternoon a phone call alerted us to the fact that we needed to have an eggplant feast that evening. So the Del crew came over and the 'sistahs' breaded and 'fried' up a bunch of eggplant, cooked the pasta, got out the mozzarella, made a yummy fresh tomato salad, and then called the family to the feast! Oh, yes, and I can't forget the strawberry rhubarb pie that was thrown together for dessert.



Nathan & Jeanine DeLadurantey said...

It was bliss, pure bliss.


The DeLadurantey Sisters said...

Ah! I'm making Eggplant Parmesan tonight for dinner!( before I read you blog)
Thats pretty funny:)

Jean said...

Okay, I think eggplant will be on the menu in the next week - it sounds so good right now. Do you think your ancestors grew eggplant way back when?

Blessings, Mrs.H

Erber Correspondent said...

As we can't trace much of our lineage past Ellis Island, most of our ancestry is just a guess... and as for the "Eggplant" name - we can't trace it anywhere outside of our great grandfather and his direct descendants, so it may have even been made up when he arrived in NY!

The Hector Family said...

Eggplant, an often unappreciated food. Your post is making me hungry! I am glad Nathan is able to find it so frequently, and satisfy your family cravings!

Good thing your family does not like to eat mad dog....


The Kautts said...

Eggplant, how funny! I don't know an overabundance of individuals who actually enjoy this lovely little food.

A couple of our family enjoys eating eggplant. We've enjoyed growing Chinese (a smaller version) in our garden this year. We had eggplant in a stir-fry for lunch.

Way to go Erbers for liking Eggplant and for blogging about its many good aspects!

~Abby Kautt

P.S. I first learned of your family through reading the lovely blog by the Serven Clan.

Erber Correspondent said...

ahhhhhh, but eggplant is always delicious when prepared just the right way...

~Justin&Meg~ said...

Hello All,

I have several eggplants Justin just picked from the garden. May I have your recipe?? You can email me: goffandfamily@yahoo.com
Sounds very yummy!


Erber Correspondent said...

Megan - we'd be happy to share our recipe! It's not very exact, but I'll try to send it over to you some time this evening.

BTW, you know that Eggplant Parmesan is supposed to induce labor... :-)


Sherrin said...

What fun it must be to work together like that!

I'd also really love the recipe, if you have a moment to post or email it.

My address is sherindrew@gmail.com