Monday, July 21, 2008

Catchin' up

Well before we get too much further behind, I thought it might be good to post a bunch of pictures to quickly catch up on a lot of what has been going on around here. Most of these pictures were taken while I was gone, but I think there are one or two taken in the last two weeks...

Latest update on the RV crew is that they were in Oklahoma this morning and hope to get home - or close to it - by tonight.


I'm not really sure when, but at some point while I was gone, Jonathan took Joanna to hear Joshua Bell in concert at Ravinia. Reports are that the enjoyed themselves, the evening - and the music.


Also while I was gone, two families officially joined the membership of our church! A very warm welcome to the G and W families!

July 4th

I hear that in our area the weather on July 4th was what the weather is supposed to be on July 4th - warm and sunny! Based on the pictures, it looks like everyone congregated at N&J's house in the morning to watch the parade, and then headed over to visit with church families during the afternoon, and then headed up to J&A's in the evening to watch fireworks over the lake.

Speaking of J&A, the closing on the house they are purchasing is scheduled for this week!


Last Sunday we had the Carlson family to our house after church. While the older/mature people sat in the living room discussing issues the younger set learned the "Cup/Rhythm Game" and also played with little plastic frogs... Thanks for coming over, Carlsons! We love you guys!

Storms & Flooding

While our area hasn't had the major flooding that parts of the Midwest have been dealing with, we still have gotten more than enough rain lately!

Not only are there fields flooded, but en route to the Strand's house last week we encountered some flooded roadways, as well!

But, after the storms come both rainbows and impressive sunsets...

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