Tuesday, June 10, 2008

William's Birthday

William is two years old!! Happy Birthday, big guy!

On Sunday after church the whole family (N&J, J&S, J&A) plus Tom D, and Luke VH, came over for the afternoon/evening, dinner, cake, games, and just talking and having fun together. It was the first time we played "Pin the tail on the donkey" with the little people - and I think they had fun, but we bigger people certainly did! :-)

After first arriving at the wrong destination, William placed the tail almost perfectly!

Everybody had to try it...

That looks very comfortable, Abbey... :-)

Winston sat in the living room for awhile all alone, just reclining and eating his popcorn. I'm sure he was contemplating something deep...

But after all that popcorn, he needed to go work out a little bit.

Oh, yippee hurrah!! Cake & Ice Cream!

We closed the evening singing some hymns around the piano, after which the little people were taken back to their homes.

Camille & Grace - even at their young age, they know that babies are for kissing!

Happy Birthday, William!


Jean said...

Dearest Erbers,

I kept checking your blog over the weeks through my bookmarks and just realized I had it bookmarked on a past blog. Anyway, I just read up on your posts.

So, here are comments that should have gone with other posts...

Happy Birthday to William. I am sorry we didn't get to meet the family, but all the grandkiddos are sooo cute.

The pictures of the lovely ladies is beautiful. You can just see the love of Christ in all your eyes.

I am so glad you are all safe from the storm. I'm sorry about the tree loss, but glad that was all. Your yard is still so gorgeous.

I enjoyed reliving the time at your house, sailing, playing, talking. Our days were enjoyable. Perhaps we will get a chance to come back before too long.

Remember, California is a great place to vacation!! You are always welcome.

Blessings, Jean H. et al

Erber Correspondent said...

Dear Mrs. H,

So good to hear from you! We'd love to make it out to California... hopefully someday it will work out! In the meantime, we'd love to have you back in the Midwest anytime.


Erber Correspondent said...

...and we wish we could send some of our rain out your way!! It sounds like you all could use some and we have more than enough around here!