Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Over the weekend

It was a quiet weekend around home... everyone was someplace else! Since all of the guys were on the road, Abbey hosted a girls day up at the lake house where she and Josh are living. So Joanna, Abbey's sister (Wendy), and I enjoyed some girl time up there with her for a couple of days. Ahhh... how relaxing! Unfortunately, the weather wasn't really nice so we had limited time out by the lake, but we were out there long enough for Joanna and Wendy to actually immerse themselves in the cold waters of Lake Geneva... I assure you they didn't stay in long!

On Saturday, Mom and Dad picked up the Del kiddos and we met up with them at Milky Way Park for the "weekend before Milk Days" events - a horse show/craft show/BBQ grilling contest (which we just missed!), and of course, fun at the playground.

Camille was less interested in the horses, and more interested in food and a nap...

The highlight of Joseph's weekend was arriving home from Virginia to find a riding lawnmower here! He spent Monday morning fiddling around with it and got it all up and running.

3-week-old Grace & Grandma. Grace has got such lovely big eyes, and she's such a sweetie... well, last night when I snapped this picture she wasn't really happy with life, but most of the time she is! She's a healthy little girl, too - if she were a he I might mention how much weight has been gained since birth, but that hardly seems appropriate when discussing a lady...

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hubers said...

What a precious picture. They are both adorable! Congratulations on such a beautiful, bright-eyed lovely baby! Grandparenting looks like a blast...can't wait!

Love, Joni