Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Heading Back East - Day 1

After leaving the Bradricks, we headed to Idaho for the evening... via the Columbia River gorge. It was striking scenery along the way.

And being in lumbar country, we saw lots of mills along the way!

Everywhere we went we brought snow with us. We arrived in Washington to find flowers blooming and strong spring feel everywhere... but I think each night we were there there was some snow! In fact we almost canceled a stop on our way home due to the bad weather, but we stuck it out and can now say we've been to Yellowstone! But I'll post on that next!

Tuesday evening we arrived in Moscow, Idaho to visit with some friends there (the Menadier and Leidenfrost families). We enjoyed catching up again with them and are grateful for their friendship and hospitality to us, but our visit turned out to be longer than anticipated as we encountered some trailer brake issues while we were there! So instead of leaving immediately after an early lunch on Wednesday, it was mid-afternoon before we were once again headed east. Thankfully, all was able to be repaired and we had no problem driving through the mountains as we again headed for home... or at least, headed in that direction. More stops awaited us.

En route some took naps... or tried to...

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