Monday, April 28, 2008

Christian Heritage Conference

If you didn't catch it on our "Destination" post, the reason for our traveling these last two weeks was the 3rd annual conference of the Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington. Dad and Mom were featured speakers, with some of the rest of us filling in here and there (I - Jessica - gave a session for daughters, and Josh & Abbey were on a panel). The conference itself was extremely well hosted, we were made very welcome and were well taken care of throughout the weekend. It was encouraging to talk with many of the attendees, and to work alongside of the families on the Christian Heritage board!

Joanna and I also had the opportunity to sing in the Christian Heritage Chorale under the direction of Mr. Craig - and that was very definitely a highlight of the conference for us. It was truly a blessed weekend and we are very grateful for what God is doing out in Washington. I just wish we could remove a few of the miles between here and there!

But our family wasn't just there to speak in the workshop sessions. They also invited us out there to present the reenactment of the 2nd Virginia Convention (the one we commemorate annually at Liberty Day and also performed in Jamestown, VA). Thus, Josh & Abbey joined us as we couldn't really do it without Patrick Henry, and Aaron Englund came along for the ride since it is also hard to do the reenactment with out Edmund Pendleton. We edited the debate down to only 7 parts and had Joseph pick up one of the parts, and enlisted a few Washingtonians to carry three of the parts. They did incredibly well and as many times as I've seen the reenactment, it was truly fun to watch it again!

The lighting and video projection required Josh to either look sickly, or wear make-up!!! We chose the latter.

We only took a few pictures ourselves, but hope to get some that others took, too. I did do a quick blog search and found some more pictures on some blogs out in Washington... Here is one with some more pics of the conference and reenactment.

But though the conference was the purpose, centerpiece and highlight of our time away, it certainly wasn't all that we did. More coming soon...

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