Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Victorian Christmas

Friday was a full day of celebrating and telling again the beautiful story of Christ's birth! In the early afternoon, we headed to a local Christian retirement center for their chapel service. There we met with a few other families from our church and told - through scripture and song - the story of our Savior. It was a very special time and everyone involved did a wonderful job!

After arriving home from the retirement center, we raced around the house to change into Victorian era garments put a quick dinner together, and head up to Jeanine and Nathan's for their town's annual Victorian Christmas. Don't Joanna and Jonathan look sharp?

Some of us had been enlisted to participate in the evening's events as carolers, and others demonstrated a few Victorian dances in the center of town.

The town truly goes all out for this event and really does give the whole place a very Victorian-ish feel! People all around, but with a festive and not overcrowded feel. Every store along the quaint center of town was open and decorated and selling (or giving away) hot cider, hot cocoa, eggnog, cookies, baked potatoes...

There were popcorn stands and chestnuts roasting... carolers... the Salvation Army Band... a man riding around town in dog sled...

...oh yes... and fireworks! Winston was mesmerized!

The lady coordinating everything handed Josh this coat to wear for the evening, and gave Abbey a lovely fur shawl to wear over her dress - but it smelled pretty bad! :-) Oh, and I nearly forgot the parade! About a dozen horse drawn carriages all decked out with greens and bells paraded down the center of town - twice. First time all was very stately, the second time was in double time! All in all, it was a fun, cold, evening, in a delightful celebratory atmosphere - all within a block or two of N&J's home, so we could drop in and thaw our toes when needed!

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