Thursday, December 27, 2007

'Twas the week after Christmas...

Oh, how wonderful it has been to sit back and relax some over these past few days. We've feasted, we've rested, we've read, we've sung and played music, we've put puzzles together and built model boats, we've received letters, cards, and pictures from friends - old and new, we've talked, we've laughed, we've rejoiced and celebrated! AND, our house is clean and quiet today. Although, two small bicycles in the middle of the kitchen floor indicate that it is only quiet temporarily. Caroline and William are here with us today, and the other C's and W are on their way over, so it will soon be a louder happy day!

Like I mentioned before, our wash machine broke and we discovered yesterday that it was truly beyond repair. Oh, it could have been repaired, but for the same price as buying a new machine... so Dad bought a new machine! The old one was well used during its years in our home! Today they delivered the new one - but we can't quite use it yet as the dryer... well, anyway, they said they'd call us when that part comes in.

I'm taking an intermission from the project I'm supposed to be working on to catch up on a couple of things - including this blog. I'm working on the 2007 Year End slide show for our church. Wow! We've gotten a lot of pictures from a few of the families and I'm putting off the final sorting and cutting and organizing work. But at least I have them all (or most all of them) in one place now! While I'm not crazy about the time it takes to put it together, it is amazing to look back over the pictures and see what a very full year it has been for us and for the families in our church. Of course, most of the pictures are of us all having fun together - but there are also the pictures from the finalization of the Strand's adoption, a few baptisms, helping out the Geaschel family during their hospital stay and finally welcoming baby Karina home! Praise the Lord for 2007!

Ah - the other C's and W have just arrived! Got to run!


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Glad you enjoyed it... and glad you're mom got to see it too this year! :-)