Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Look Who's 13!!!

Happy Birthday, Joanna!

Also of note is that today is Jeanine's birthday, too!!!

A very Happy Birthday to you both! We love you and thank God for each of you! Have a wonderful day!


Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday Joanna!

The Huber Family said...

We all wish you a very happy birthday too Joanna. What a lovely young lady you are turning into!

Abigail said...

Happy birthday Joanna!
from Abigail

Raeanne said...

Happy 13th birthday Joanna!

The VHS said...

Joanna I hope that you had a wonderful birthday!
Many Blessings for the year ahead!

Love your Friend,
Anna Joy :)

Anonymous said...

Joanna -

Our sincerest apologies for our late birthday greeting. Our computer/blogger was glitching when we tried to leave you a message on the 14th. Now it is working again - these machines are so fickle. Anyway . . .


Your sweet spirit is a blessing to all.

~ The Ortegas