Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Just a few pictures from last week's storm. This is why our power was out for several days...

Above: Our Greatest Loss - the tree the grandkids' favorite swing was in!

Below: Our Driveway. Had those trees fallen on a slightly different angle we would have lost vehicles, or our living room. God is good!


Anonymous said...

Praise God you are alright and your home was spared! The bright side...more firewood for the fireplace! Unless of course it is a gas fireplace then more wood for camping and s'mores! Amazing pictures! Many Blessings, The Bryan Clan in Washington

Erber Correspondent said...

We do heat almost entirely by wood, so the firewood is very welcome! Although some of the tree went the way of the fire-pit as nice new log benches to sit on while cooking those s'mores! :-) Come join us for some, yes?