Friday, March 26, 2010

Liberty Day!

Liberty Day 2010 has come and gone!  What a full and wonderful weekend it was!  As of today, we have still not received any photos from the variety of photographers that were there, so I stole this one picture off of Dawn's Blog until we get more to share with you!

We had 900 attendees from 12 states join us for the event, and we are so grateful for the many wonderful people that joined us as staff and support for the event - this has truly grown beyond our expectations and abilities!  And we are especially grateful for the grace of God that led us through many last minute changes, unexpected road blocks (stage curtains/lighting/etc.), and health issues (Patrick Henry had lost about 90% of his voice that day, but was able to put all of that last 10% into his speech!)... and so much more!  God is so very good!

Of course, I know that all of you who were unable to attend are on the edge of your seats waiting to hear what Dr. Jehle and Mr. Titus shared with us.  If you aren't, you should be!  It was excellent!  Head over to Resounding Voice to purchase the audio set.

Lord willing, we'll have a few more pictures to share with you all before too long.  In the meantime - we're still working on recovery around here! :-)


Dawn B. said...

Thank you all so much for everything you did to make this wonderful event happen! My family and I were so blessed to be able to attend, learn and grow from the teachings and enjoy fellowship with fellow believers in attendence.
I still remember those days down in your basment when it was getting going, it was just as much of a blessing then as it is now and we truly are greatful for your family's hard work in this.
We hope and pray that the Lord blesses all of your efforts in the future and we are looking forward to seeing where He leads this event!

P.S. I'm glad that you were able to put one of my little photos to use for your post but I cannot wait to see a few photo's from the "real" photographers! :)

Kathryn Grace said...

Liberty Day was fantastic as usual! Thank you so much for all the mountains of work you put into it every year.
Tell those photographers to step on it! I want pictures!!! =)