Monday, October 19, 2009

Providential History Festival 2009

October 1-5, 2009 found our family in Omaha, Nebraska for the 2009 Providential History Festival. This was our first year to attend, and we were really impressed by all that they are doing there and look forward to heading back that way in future years! This year, they invited us to come out to present the reenactment of the 2nd Virginia Convention to their attendees.

Dad & Mom were also asked to present a workshop (actually, two workshops) on "improving your drama" (I can't remember the actual workshop title, but it was something to that effect). Shown above are a handful of victims - or rather, volunteers - preparing one of the hands-on exercises in the workshop. They did a great job with a tough task! And we all had fun watching them! :-)

Well, did I mention that we ended up bringing more than just the workshops and 2nd Virginia Convention. Above we have pictured the 2009 performance of the legendary "Revolutionary Tea"! (Below is pictured a rehearsal of the same presentation earlier in the day... )

I would really very highly recommend that if you are at all within driving distance of Omaha, you check out this event for 2010!

This year the festival was held at the Strategic Air & Space Museum which was a very fun setting, and in the midst of everything else going on, we did get to spend some time browsing through the museum and seeing all the planes. I think Bella liked this plane, but I suppose that the picture could be interpreted differently...

On Friday evening, a couple of us taught a bunch of the crowd a few dances, such as the Virginia Reel. The one shown above has a real name, but as none of us can remember what it's name actually is, so for now we've dubbed it the "Harvard Circle." I believe the photo above (taken by Beth) was during the "Jewish" variation - just a guess as the circle seems to be moving with a faster tempo than the "colonial" version would warrant...

Joanna & Raeanne also performed the "Ashoken Farewell" that evening - and I got to pose with the famous duo shortly before their performance! :-)

I ended up heading home earlier than most of the gang from our neck of the woods, but have heard nothing but wonderful reports about the rest of Saturday and Sunday. It sounds like there were lots of fun and interesting presentations, good conversations, new friendships...

Hope to see YOU there next year!

Thank you, so much, Kayser family for inviting us, hosting us, and all the incredible work you put into hosting the Providential History Festival! May the Lord bless the festival, and your church, abundantly!

Ooh, but I can't sign off without one more picture of Bella! But now I must sign off, because I am headed over to her house... ta ta for now!


~Dawn~ said...

What a fun weekend that was!

Too bad you had to come home early Jessica but we enjoyed your sweet company while you were there :)

~Dawn & Beth

Benjamin Serven, Foodie said...

It looks like the dance you were doing is called the Sellengers round. Just a guess... looks like fun!

Wendy Elise said...

All three girls (Joanna, Jessica and Raeanne), must use an excellent dress designer and seamstress. :) Lovely.
DeeDee Hill

Erber Correspondent said...

Dawn & Beth: Thanks! I'm glad you were both able to make it for the weekend!

Ben: I think you are right on the name. Next time we see you (this weekend?) I'll have to talk through the steps with you and confirm it!

Mrs. Hill: How did you know??? But of course, we wouldn't think of looking for anything other than dresses with that particular designer's labels... Definitely a gifted seamstress - with great taste and talent! :-)

- Jessica