Wednesday, September 02, 2009


It is mid-afternoon. The day is an absolutely beautiful late summer day. Near 70, clear blue skies, dry air, and the house is quiet, aside from the singing of crickets outside the window. Which is why I finally have a few moments to explain why this blog has been so quiet for the last few weeks.

The truth is, that our camera has been either forgotten or sadly neglected for most of the month. So you will have to take our word for it as we list the flurry of family and social activity that has kept us on the go during the last several weeks!

Early in the month of August:
  • New job
    Joseph started working full days 3 days a week.
  • Mom to California
    - for a weekend to speak to a group of ladies at a sister church.

In the last 2+ weeks:
  • 4th Annual Milky Way Invitational Softball Game
    - with multiple out of state guests (TX, MI)!
  • Blonde grandkids overnight
    - more than once! Yay!
  • Phantom of the Opera
    - an evening in Milwaukee with friends - great cast!
  • Nathan & Jeanine moved
    - farther away, but not too far!
  • Josiah turned 13
    - Happy Birthday, Josiah!!!!!!!!!
  • Families here after church
    - the usual: food, volleyball, etc.
  • RVC Orchestra
    - Joanna & Josiah joined this year
  • Wrigley Field
    - we got to see the Cubs beat up by the Nationals
  • A Day @ the Dels
    - Jeanine was sick, so Mom spent the day there, and then...
  • Del kids here
    - between illness and moving, we ended up with the kiddos here for several days. Yay!
  • 1st Annual Midwest P&R Jubilee
    - 5 churches represented from WI to MO for a day of picnic/games/hymn sing/fellowship
That's the run down! I could add brushes with illness, yard and garden work, and cramming in chapters of our current family "read-aloud" book in every available evening... but that all goes without saying as just a part of life.

Now for a few pictures that we did take - or that I stole from the blogs of friends! (Btw, stolen pictures link to appropriate blogs when clicked upon.)

Moving Day and Josiah's 13th birthday were the same day, so he didn't quite get a full, normal, Erber birthday celebration - or picture! :-)

Though he may have been just one week shy of 13 during the big game, he played like a man! (Should we also mention the man-sized wound inflicted on his bro-in-law when this pic was taken?)

Having his family on the sidelines cheering was no doubt the primary cause of Jeremy winning the games MVP award!

MVP in the making...


What's a game without food afterwards?

My helpers in the kitchen!

The kids could swing all day long - literally.

Aunt and nephew discussion.


Kathryn Grace said...

Love the one of you & Winston on the trampoline...

Beatty Family said...

Happy Birthday, Josiah!!

~The Beattys