Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Liberty Day 2009!

Dear Friends, It seems like a long time has passed already since Liberty Day, but in reality it has been only a little over a week! God certainly blessed the preparations as well as the execution of plans throughout the day, which more than exceeded our hopes. Here are just a few of the pictures our photographer snapped for us. Thank you SO MUCH, Peter! Mostly I have pictures here that feature Erbers, of course. I've posted a slideshow overview of the day Here on the Liberty Day site.

Thanks so very much to the Yens and the Fieches for their help at registration and throughout the day!

Dr. Jehle spoke on the Declaration of Independence and the doctrine of interposition. It was thoroughly encouraging, challenging, inspiring, and delightful to listen to. I know I didn't get to hear everything, but what I did hear was sound, practical teaching addressing both political structure and principle, as well as application to our own daily lives. You can purchase and download the sessions from the day through Resounding Voice's website. I'm looking forward to listening through them again!

We almost maxed out the facility... I think they said the sanctuary holds 850 and we had roughly 800 attend! And, if you haven't listened to the Moody Broadcast about Liberty Day, you can do so here.

We also really enjoyed having Charlie Zahm come and share his music with us all throughout the day and also during the evening celebration. He has a great voice, and a fun selection of music - old hymns, americana folk songs, sailor songs... Good stuff! BTW, he'll be performing in Illinois again this fall at the Reformation Day Faire.

Oh, yes!! The apple pie contest! D'ya think the judges are enjoying themeselves?? :-) Everyone was to sign their name on the bottom of their pie plate. So to find the identity of the winner...

Thank you, thank you Carlsons and VonHoltens for all your practical help and loving support and involvement in Liberty Day! Making coffee, organizing pie judging, curling wigs... it is such an encouragement to work alongside of friends like you!

It was a very first Liberty Day for Grace and Isabella... we love you two! Oh, and Josiah and Abbey, we love you two, as well! :-)

Oh, and what do you know - some more cutie-pies!

All the Erber men participated in the MC work for the day and evening. Here Jeremy is introducing Joanna and Raeanne.

Joanna and Raeanne shared a lovely performance of Ashokan Farewell to open the last session of the day. Josiah was their page-turner.

It was fun to get to catch up with friends through the weekend as well!


Clean socks and coffee... what else does one need, right?

Final costume adjustments...

Final Rehearsing and mic checks...

It was Joseph's first year as a full participant in the 2nd Virginia Convention. Great job, bro!

After Dad welcomed everyone to Liberty Day 2009, Jonathan introduced our opening act for the evening celebration and seems to be enjoying himself...

Okay, I'm not including celebration pictures here... it would get too long and I'll be posting them elsewhere anyway!

And then there was the fun afterward... apple pie, punch, visiting, picture taking, a reenactment of the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Virginia Reel, and we attempted a couple of other simple dances, as well!

And then it was time to clean-up, pack-up, and head home! Liberty Day 2009 was over... but next year is coming! Will you be there??


Peter J. Serven said...

Hey, It looks like you had a lot of fun! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for hosting this event. It was a wonderful day!
The Pollock family

Erber Correspondent said...

Peter - We sure did! Hope you did, too! :)

Pollocks - Thanks for joining us!

Rhonda Devine said...

We missed seeing you all--glad you had such a good turn out! We had obligations at church that evening or we would have definitely been there;)

Jean said...

It looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Jessica, I love the flowered dress. Maybe one of these years we can get to Liberty Day. We look forward to seeing all of you in May!

Blessings, Mrs.H et al

Erber Correspondent said...

Hello Mrs. H! We'd love to have you all join us sometime for Liberty Day, but do recognize the distance factor! :-)

Sadly, it is looking like we might not all make it down to TN in May - which is very disappointing! If you are swinging by this area en route to or from, though, let us know!


Heather said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, Jessica! My family and I really enjoyed Liberty Day. ;) Thanks to you and your family for all your hard work in putting the day together. Thank you also for the invitation to get together if we are ever in Northern Ill. The invitation is extended to you all if you are in the Northern OH area as well. Many blessings to you!