Friday, February 20, 2009

The Little People

We love having Josh and Abbey bring Isabella over to visit! :-) She's growing up so quickly!

Today we get to have the blonde little people here for the afternoon while Jeremy & Sara head off to take care of some errands. But I also just came across these pictures that we took during the weekend that we had all our little people here (except Grace & Bella) while their parents were at the couple's retreat.

We had lots of fun together from Thursday evening through Saturday evening. There's nothing like having five wonderful little people ages four and under - two of whom are two year old boys! What a blast!

The girls wanted to look like "Maria" (von Trapp, of course). The boys didn't want to look like Maria but did want something on their head. So we went for the pirate look. William had one too, for awhile, but apparently it came off before we got a picture!

They didn't exactly follow the rules, but the boys entertained themselves for awhile with a Connect Four travel edition that is missing pieces and has to balance when it stands up because the clips are broken. :-)

Keeping warm eating breakfast in the living room next to the wood stove. We got a bit of blueberry on our jammies and had to throw them in the laundry, but we had lots of smiles and I had to do laundry anyway!

Ah yes, this picture was taken a little before the last one. We were still wrapped up in blankets and not 100% awake yet for this one.

Camille doesn't seem to be quite awake from her nap, eh?

All the fun we had together really wore us out! Poor Corrine was convinced she was NOT tired and did not need a nap...


The DeL Sisters said...

Great pictures. What fun to have so many over at once. Someday we just might get to have some little DeL's
at our place. But until then we love seeing all the cousins together.

The Texas DeL's

George and Krista said...

Hi Erbers~

All your little people are so cute and look like they really love being at your place with the fun aunties and uncles! (just like the little people in our family :) Bella is adorable and looks like she's growing! Love her cheeks. Take care.

Krista for the Ochenjeles