Thursday, January 29, 2009

Liberty Day 2009

We apologize to all our dedicated blog readers for the extended silence here! We've been focusing time and energy elsewhere - on Liberty Day 2009! The advertising brochure is almost in the mail, but even though it hasn't been sent out yet, we're already receiving registrations! Be sure to visit the Liberty Day site and look over the details for this year. Dr. Paul Jehle is bringing a message we are very excited about, and Mr. Charlie Zahm will be joining us as well!

Another event that has been in the works and keeping us busy is our church's couple's retreat this weekend! Dr. RC Sproul, Jr. will be coming into the area to encourage our couples as they spend some time away together over the next few days. On the homefront, it means that the Erber aunts and uncles get to have a few days with their neices and nephews! And it means that I need to get back into the kitchen and finish some food prep...

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