Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Skiing - in flat country

Sam, Joseph and Luke atop the... whoa - the one open black diamond slope!

While Josh is out in Colorado tearing up the mountainsides, we thought we'd take a day to do the midwest equivalent: skiing down a former garbage dump turned into what they call a "ski area." Wilmot Mountain is just about 45 minutes from our place, and just enough north of us to actually be across the border in Wisconsin. Tuesday's are their "homeschool discount day" and at 10:00am sharp this past Tuesday we were at the ski lodge in line to buy our passes for the day.

The weather had been very obliging as it snowed nearly all day Monday to get the mountain ready for us. Apparently it still wasn't quite enough snow, though, as most of the trails were closed and they had snow machines running everywhere! We all still had a good deal of fun, with not too many injuries - unless you count all the sore muscles today...

Here's a glance down the mountain from the ski lift:

Jon having a blast!

Joanna and Lauren take a warm-up break inside the lodge.

Joseph, Luke and Jonathan prepare to head back out for their last hour on the slopes.

Jessica, done for the day and happy to still be able to walk, and glad to have not needed to escort anyone to the hospital...

Abbey, Dawn and Beth at the top.

Sebastian, Luke & Joseph ride the lift.

Hannah and Phil on the bunny hill.

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Anna joyce said...

WOW....No comments yet??? : )

I just couldn't resist after seeing such great pics. and also reading Jessica's descriptions.

OHHH....I might add that I am glad you didn't have to take anyone one to the hospital TOO Jess...

Looks like you all enjoyed glad you had fun.

~ Anna JOY ~