Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Day!

16+ inches of snow overnight officially qualifies today as a "Snow Day." The fact that our snowblower decided not to work this morning, only means that we spent more energy shoveling than playing, but somehow a serious storm like we had created a festive element that made even shoveling fun!

This morning we also finally received the tickets we requested for the 2006 Do-It-Yourself Messiah, so all in all it has been a wonderful day thus far!


Kawell Writer said...

No Fair!!!!!! In AL it only got cold! Your teasing us with such pictures!!!

Abigail said...

Trust me, you have no right to complain about shoveling!! We sure do miss that snow!!!

Erber Correspondent said...

Hey, y'all are welcome to come on up and help dig out the rest of the driveway... :-) Oh, and YOU think it got cold, it was only 4 degrees outside this morning when we got up! Ahhhhh!!

Stinnett Family said...

Those are amazing shots! Snow pictures are so pretty. It would be fun to have white Christmas in Maryland but you can never tell if we'll have snow that early or not! :)

The Goulds said...

Who was in the snow?
THAT is alot! We got alot but not that much!

Ruth said...

We too only got 4-6 inches in the city because a lot of it melted, so there is ice under that snow. It was fine when it was still above freezing, but now that it is so cold, it makes getting around a little difficult.

It is beautiful though--a winter wonderland.