Monday, November 20, 2006

Adventure, ho!

Aye, friends! We've set sail once again on the sea of adventure. Our travels this time have brought us to the eastern seaboard of the New World. But our travel here was just the beginning of the adventure. Tonight we will be gathered together with our fellow adventurers where we shall introduce or reacquaint ourselves with one another. Over dinner, our guides will prepare us for the pilgrimages up and down this New England coast that lie ahead of us, laying out the centuries of history that have preceded us and brought us to explore these lands. Tomorrow we will bundle up and venture out into the surrounding area to begin our quest - exposing ourselves to whatever weather might come against us in this stormy region.

Why make this quest? And what is it that we seek? A priceless treasure lies hidden here in New England - a forgotten legacy. We have come in search of it, desirous to learn of it, recover it, add to it, and pass it on. 'Tis a legacy of principles, of faith, of gratitude, of perseverance, of self-sacrifice, of covenants, left to us by faithful Christian men who had a vision for something beyond themselves - even if it meant to be but stepping stones, that those who would come after them might press beyond their own great achievements.

To find this legacy we must learn of these great men, walk where they walked, study what they did. For that reason, we stand here in Plymouth, Massachusetts, with the Vision Forum Faith & Freedom Tour, today. Over the course of the following week we will walk all over this city, travel up to Boston and elsewhere in our quest. We will find all around us evidences to the Christian faith and vision of our founding fathers - dating back to the arrival of the Pilgrims in 1620. On Thanksgiving day we will feast, in remembrance of their feasting. We will give thanks as they gave thanks even in the midst of their great trials. We will give thanks to God for the incredible blessing He has given us in such a heritage.

To survive such a quest, one must have daily sustainance. Thus, our family has once again been requested to prepare a mid-day meal for all 160+ adventurers each day of our journeying. Some was prepared ahead of time and transported here with us, but today we head out to do the mega-shopping required for such a project.

Sadly, we had to bid adieu to Mom and Jonathan upon leaving home as they were unable to accompany us on this trip. We look forward to reuniting with them upon our return and sharing the stories of our respective adventures.

We will attempt - as our schedule allows - to post at least a couple of pictures and brief reports from our adventure throughout the week. But now, the action begins and we pilgrims must not be found lacking in provisions or hardiness. Farewell, for now, friends. Adventure, ho!


The Canfield Family said...

We are thinking about you all this week and missing being with you. We will look forward to looking at the pictures you post! Have a great time!
The Canfields

Anonymous said...

"Why make this quest?"

Your answer is well stated!

Hear! Hear!