Saturday, August 19, 2006


Greetings from Plano, Texas! We are currently working at the NTHEN conference, but things are a little slow right now and we have a wireless connection, so... here's a quick update from the field!

We've been in Texas for 11 days now and have really had a very enjoyable time. For the most part. We left on August 7, intending to drive through the night and get to our destination (the Huber home) on the evening of August 8.

But just one quick hour down the road and Josh's suburban started shaking, and then smoking... After sitting on the side of the road for about 1/2 an hour, we made it to a gas station, where we spent the rest of the evening.

Three hours later, the guys had the vehicle in running order again, and we were able to restart our journey - at 10:30pm. Not the most exhilerating hour to start on a journey. But nonetheless, we made the rest of the trip safe and sound, and pulled into the Huber's driveway 24 hours later. Wednesday, August 9, was a day of shopping, set up and relaxation.

August 10-12, was the reason we were down there. Vision Forum's Entrepreneurial Bootcamp. Josh - with his right hand man, Luke - was there to record the conference, and, despite having an inexperienced crew and some last minute computer errors, all went well for Resounding Voice.

Across the street from the conference center was the McAllister building, wherein resides the Guadalajara Grill on the main level - and a quaint upper room, where Anna and I kept busy.

Having two meals a day ready for close to 90 staff and speakers was our responsibility, and with the help of Mr. & Mrs. Howell, and the chauffering service of Nikkae, we were able to do it.

Lots and lots of laughter and fun accompanies any adventure with this crew, and this trip has certainly not been an exception. Thanks to you all for the help and fun you brought to us!

After the conference we spent Sunday night through Thursday morning at the Huber home.

On Tuesday night the Zes family joined us, and Wednesday was a day spent out of doors!

A game of baseball - blondes vs. not blondes - played in the early afternoon Texas sun...

followed by a couple games of volleyball, then dinner, football...

some English country dancing, and funny movie clips filled the day and sent us to bed exhausted.

Now here in Plano, the conference is going well. We had our share of excitement yesterday with the police and paramedics showing up for two separate instances, and then a small fire broke out - but it was under control before the fire department had to be called... Right now the morning keynote session is being held and the rest of the sessions will start shortly and we'll hopefully be busy again soon! Tomorrow morning early should see us on the road headed home. We've had a great time here, but I don't think any of us will be sorry to be back home in Illinois!


anna joy said...

Hey..I'm the first to comment on this one too. ;) It sure was a blessing to travel with you and share great laughs as well as make MANY GREAT memories...Thank-you!
~ Anna ~ ;)

Erber Correspondent said...

Anna - THANK YOU for coming with us! It was a great blessing to have you with us on the trip as a colaborer! Certain laughs are ours that none other will ever understand! :-)


Hannah said...

It was a delight and such great fun being able to spend that time with you at the Hubers! Were you blondes as sore as we "not blondes" were after all that activity? :)

Hoping you made it home safely and looking forward to visiting again soon!

Erber Correspondent said...

I think that the soreness was felt by all alike... At least this blonde sure felt it - and I skipped out on the volleyball games! :-)

See you soon!

anna joy said...

Jess, There are Definitely Laughs that only WE will know about...:)
BIG SMILE...OHH..The fun of late nights. ;)

Hannah, YES we were sore...BUT...
despite the soreness the boys sure did a wonderful job of setting up.
It was great to meet you!

Jess, thanks again for asking me to come help you... :) ~Anna