Monday, July 24, 2006

The History of the World

The second major event of our recent trip east was Vision Forum's History of the World Mega-Conference. It was truly a mega-conference and truly incredible! Every speaker was excellent, and the material covered was relevent and fascinating.

Thankfully, Josh was hired to record the conference so we can work our way through the 70 sessions and eventually hear everything! That's especially good, because we really only heard a handful of sessions during the conference! Josh, as mentioned, was in charge of the audio recording of the entire conference, with most of the family and Anna & Luke VonHolten assisting. Mom and I, and various other Erbers at various times, took care of catering the meals for the staff and speakers. Jonathan was also asked to exhibit his skills on the piano during the breaks between the evening sessions - which he did quite well. Despite the responsibilities, we managed to get into a few sessions, visit with numerous old and new friends, and enjoy ourselves immensely. Thanks to Vision Forum for their vision and work in putting on this conference - and their graciousness in inviting us to once again work along side them!

For more details and pictures of the conference itself, check out:
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Visiting with the VonHolten ladies.

Some of the Resounding Voice crew enjoy dinner with the Torres men.

Some of the Vision Forum staff relax over lunch.

Josiah helps collect equipment at the end of the day.

CD's, CD's, and more CD's!!!!

Discussing a Peruvian burial stone with Mr. Zes, Mr. Brown and some Servens.

Jonathan performs during an intermission on the last day of the conference.

A picture of the back of the suburban after everything was over and packed up, and we're headed to dinner. And no, you can't see all the occupants of the back benches in this picture... memorable.


Justin Kelly said...

Yes, the Suburban looks full, sure enough - but how many TABLOIDS were in the back? :D

Erber Correspondent said...

None, thankfully! :)

Anonymous said...


Now I can prove to my family that we did all really squish into your suburban. How funny!
It was great seeing you all.

Beth S.

Anna said...

Memorable is right! ;)
Thanks for all the great laughs!
~ Anna ~