Friday, May 19, 2006

Hey, Y'all!

Well, as this blog hasn't been updated for awhile, and as I actually have a couple of minutes here while everyone else is napping, I thought I'd chime in from Alabama and say hello to everyone. Yes, I am alive and well here in the sunny south. Yes, it is very sunny - though thanks to some storms that came through last week we haven't totally roasted yet. Current conditions are pretty mild - only 85 degrees and less than 30% humidity.

It has been so much fun to be here with Nathan & Jeanine during these last several weeks, and I've certainly been kept busy! Corrine and Winston are both charming, delightful, and active enough to be a distraction to any project, and between admiring them, caring for them, keeping Corrine occupied and out of trouble, keeping the household running and fed, and occasional time put in helping Nathan at the office, Jeanine and I have both had our hands full!

My stay "through the end of April" has bit by bit extended to "through the end of May" and now is set "through June 7." At that point Nathan will have a little more time on his hands, and I really can't stay any longer as there are some things at home that I can't put off any further than that! Besides, I do miss everyone back home, too!

Right now, Dad and Mom are visiting us for a couple of days - much to the delight of us all. Corrine is just having a blast with more people around to admire her tricks, and read her stories, and chase her around the house, and...

Well, everyone is up now so I'm going to post a few pics and sign off!



anna joy said...

Thanks for the update JESS! :)
OH my goodness JUNE 7th AHHH!
Wow! Don't worry I still remember you! ;0)
It looks like you are having a wonderful time and I'm sure that your mom and dad are having a blast as well!
So good to see pictures of everyone!

Ruth said...

Thanks for the update Jessica. We've missed hearing from you while you've been away.

Have a wonderful time!

Ortega Recorder said...

Maggie and Roger - You look like you are having the time of your lives! So glad you were able to go!

Jessica - It is wonderful to hear from you!! We were beginning to wonder if we had lost you to the south. Glad to hear you will be back among us before too awful long :)

Mrs. Van Dellen said...

The pictures are wonderful - you all look so relaxed, content and fulfilled!

It is good to hear from you, Jessica. I know you are giving a rich gift to Nathan and Jeanine, Corrine and Winston, and that your own heart is full in the giving (and receiving.)

The Webb Family said...

I can see Corrine looking more like the Erber's side (side by side with Grandpa:) ) The roles of grandparents fits you well. Wonderful pictures!--Mihee