Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Crisp air, blue skies, brilliant trees... all sights, sounds, and smells agree - Autumn is here in all of its beauty!

Today Mom, Joseph, Joanna and Josiah are heading to the apple orchard to get apples (surprise!), cider, and donuts! Then we'll really know for sure that fall is here! Fresh apple pie, anyone?


Jonny:) said...

yum I have a craveing for cider, and donuts, O and the thought of a fresh apple pie.

Erber Correspondent said...

If, just if, you are the "Jonny" I think you may be, you just might get a taste of some cider and donuts. Unfortunately, the apple pie didn't happen... we made a yummy apple and squash casserole thingy. Maybe next time! ;)

supyo1776 said...

Ah, the colors of autumn. Apparently someone forgot to inform San Antonio of the new season.